Late-Night Journies
Journies into the depths of the soul

Shallow Water

You're so set on being used,
Is it any wonder you're confused?
Expose yourself again, do you even care?
Do you think they care, when they tell you you're beautiful?
I want to believe there's so much more,
Because you're so much more to me.

You tell us all how great you are,
Convince us someday you'll be a star,
I couldn't see past the shallow water--
Your greatest talent is mirage.
(I guess it's appropriate now
You make your money on your image.)

Now I find it too ironic,
The guys who thought you so iconic
They claimed it was your honesty.
(The game you played so easily.)

You say you can't see yourself alone,
But then, who does that make you?
And how will you survive the void
When you find it's what's inside?
And how will you exist when what defines
Walks away?

You were easy, so very easy to find.

Posted at 10:06 pm by FNInsomniac
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Getting to Me

I wish I could just
go to sleep.

I keep meeting the same people
over and over again.
They have different faces,
but they don't fool me.
I wonder what they want.

Yes, it's starting to get to me.

Posted at 02:50 pm by FNInsomniac
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I've been wondering
If I should
Swim that river
Which used to flow
Under that bridge I burned
Long ago.
After all,
I should let go
Of bitter,
it will never be sweet again
(I know.)

It's been awhile
Since last I swam.

Posted at 07:16 pm by FNInsomniac
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In Truth:


can only


so much



Posted at 10:24 pm by FNInsomniac
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No Way Out

Could you tell me what I'm doing here?
'Cause I'm feeling kinda useless.
I'm tired of the hypocracy
and all the lame-ass excuses.
I never know what I jump into
'til I'm six feet underground;
Can't you see I'm dying here?
I guess I fell without a sound.

Would you tell me where I'm coming from?
'Cause I'm starting to forget.
Of course, this doesn't save me
From the guilt and the regret.
I've finally started breaking--
I could only bend so far;
Oh, God, could someone tell me
When did life get so damn hard?

Can you tell me where I'm going now?
'Cause I think I've lost my way.
The path was oh-so-clear once,
But it went hazier today.
All these questions have no answers,
They just solidify my doubt;
Always running 'round in circles--
I suspect there's no way out.

Posted at 02:01 am by FNInsomniac
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Was I Unclear?

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To the four subscribers I just deleted...

I just now deleted four yahoo e-mail accounts from the list of those that subscribe to this blog.  These addresses all consisted of eight seemingly random characters, and made me a bit nervous.  If you are the owner of one or all of these addresses and wish to seriously read this blog, please send me a message via  Blogdrive and tell me you are a real person and not a hacker/cracker messing with me and/or my subscribers.  If you are one of my readers, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  But I'm paranoid.  Thank you, and have a wonderful day.

-Insie Somniac

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(O, why)

do I always


on the path

of most


Posted at 12:33 am by FNInsomniac
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It'd been so long since I'd seen you,
I couldn't help but kiss you deep;
You can take it as a preview;
(Though I may make it hard to sleep).

Posted at 08:12 pm by FNInsomniac
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What's Past

I left you locked in your little world;
I figured my presence (and my leaving)
had already caused enough damage.
I wonder if you'll ever
what you were doing,
Or if you were so very ignorant
To all of who I am.

Posted at 11:52 am by FNInsomniac
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